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The international law group  UiPis specialized in providing all kinds of legal assistance to foreigners and foreign companies in Ukraine, migration management in Ukraine and abroad), the support of foreign economic and investment activities in Ukraine, as well as extensive court practice to foreigners (administrative, immigration, civil and criminal cases).

Advocate - consulting bureau UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS

The Law firm included in a single group of companies for the provision of various services for foreigners in Ukraine: UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS (www.uip.com.ua), which in turn is part of an international group of UIP Group companies have offices in many countries, located in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as in Africa.

As a result, the company has successfully provided assistance to foreigners when migrating to learning and to doing business, in most areas of legal protection and financial and legal consulting.

The Law firm  occupies a leading position among law firms in support of the immigration processes of citizens and businesses, legal support of export and import.

The Law firm – professionals practicing in the field of legal support of foreign economic and trade activities, migratory processes, immigration lawyers, lawyers for criminal, family, civil and business cases related to international relations, lawyers on enforcement of foreign judgments and collecting debts from foreign companies, criminal attorneys on extradition and international search, international lawyers in corporate law and the establishment of companies in foreign jurisdictions, lawyers on international planning and investment, lawyers in the field of international tax law, lawyers in support of transactions on acquisition of real estate abroad, lawyers, accompanying foreign investment and business in Ukraine and other countries.

Stages of services provided:

  1. Migration legalization of business owners and employees.
  2. Registration or acquisition of companies, registration of corporate relations.
  3. Licensing, certification and permits for certain types of activities.
  4. Registration of foreign investments and partnerships with the state.
  5. Development and execution of all local regulations of the company.
  6. Registration of intellectual property rights and their protection.
  7. Assistance in finding a product or product, a preliminary check of business partners.
  8. Maintenance of foreign economic activity (export and import).
  9. Legal subscriber services for current activities, claim work.
  10. Accounting subscription services for current activities.
  11. Ensuring the safety and security of assets from internal theft.
  12. Conduct internal and external investigations for suspected leaks of assets, confidential or business information.
  13. Comprehensive protection of business from government agencies, raiders and competitors.

Our legal and consulting projects :

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Legal center of real estate: www.pravovoycentr.kiev.ua

Attorneys and Lawyers at business: www.hozpravo.com.ua

The lawsuits with the state: www.adminpravo.com.ua

Auto law and Traffic Violations: www.avto-advokat.com.ua

Intellectual Property: www.ip-centr.kiev.ua

Personal consultations: www.personallawyer24.com

Our Investment projects:

Export from Ukraine: www.agroprice.com.ua:

International carriage of passengers: www.avtobusy.kiev.ua

Education in Ukraine for foreigners: www.studyinukraine.in.ua