About the name Nikolaevich

About the name of Nikolai and Nikolaevich

Nikolai, also Nicolaevich – the male two-base Russian personal name of Greek origin; dates back to ancient Greek Νῑκόλαος (νῑκάω – “win” and λᾱός – “people”)

Nicholay the Wonderland; Nikolai Ugodnik; Nikolay Mirlikiysky; St. Nicholas (Greek Άγιος Νικόλαος – Saint Nicholas; about 270, Patara, Lycia – about 345, Myra, Lycia) – holy in historical churches, Archbishop of Lycia (Byzantium). In Christianity, revered as a miracle worker, in the East is the patron saint of traveling, prisoners and orphans.

The beginning of entrepreneurship

The story of the beginning of entrepreneurship in the Evsutin family began with the two brothers Nikolai Alexeyevich and Alexander Alexeyevich, who in the late 1980s and early 1990s created two private enterprises. One was formed in Russia (Tyumen region), the second in Ukraine (Lugansk region).

April 16, 1991 Evsutin Nikolai Alexeyevich, was founded the first private enterprise “Compromise”. The activities carried out in the territory of the Ukrainian SSR and RFSFSR, providing services to businesses and citizens in the area of ​​registration of companies, consulting organizations of wholesale trade, foreign trade, tax and accounting business activities.

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