Welcome to the website of Mr. A.Evsutin!

Welcome to the website of Mr. A.Evsutin – a lawyer and an entrepreneur, the founder and leader of a group of companies in the field of legal assistance and protection of citizens and businesses.

The fight for justice

In 1995-1998 Mr. Alexander Evsutin was able to protect himself and his family members from illegal accusations of corrupt police officers, proved correct and made fair decisions. As a result, four fabricated criminal cases were dismissed and charges dropped. After such events, he decided to become a lawyer and protect people from police arbitrariness.

More information about the history of the beginning of the activities of Alexander …

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    1. Adv. Mr. ALEXANDER N. EVSUTIN an international lawyer ⚖ and I’m has offices (UIP law & consult) in UA??, PK??, RU??, CA??, UK??, IN??, US??, EU??, TR?? and other countries.

      I run a Youtube? channel? (@alexander_evsutin) about how to become free to immigrate and protect the rights in different countries and ensure security for yourself, your family and your business in this global and dangerous World?.

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